International payments - IBAN

1-2Country Code: DK = Denmark / FO = Faroe Islands / GL = Greenland
3-4The IBAN checksum
5-8Bank Identifier (registreringsnummer)
9-18Account number

Contact information
Note: To minimize the processing time for your request, it’s important that you address your e-mail to both Finance Denmark and e-nettet A/S:

Finance Denmark (The Danish Bankers & Mortgage Association):
Phone: +45 3370 1000

e-nettet A/S (Danish company that is responsible for banks’ joint infrastructure):

The list below is updated whenever there are changes.

IBAN overview
IBAN Denmark Greenland And Faroe Islands 07/06/2024

Reading instructions
In order to translate an IBAN-number to a bank you start out by see whether the IBAN-number starts with DK, FO or GL. DK is the Danish banks shown in the top of the IBAN-list, while FO (Faroe Island) and GL (Greenland) is shown in the bottom.
At position 5-8 of the IBAN-number is the Bank Identifier located. In the IBAN-list is the Bank Identifier shown at the columns B and C. The two columns cover a range of Bank Identifiers for each row. Column B (From) specifies the first Bank Identifier in the range, while Column C (To) specifies the last.
E.g. Column B (From) = 0001 and Column C (To) = 0003, meaning that the Bank Identifiers for that row are: 0001, 0002 and 0003.